Terms & Conditions



Why would you want to do that? Oh..injured huh? If you want to cancel your entry, you must do so by midnight, Saturday 2nd November, and have notified event organisers before midnight on this date. Contact chris@tourdetrails.com or call/text 0430 376 621.

You will receive your entry fee in refund less a $15 administration fee.

If you withdraw from the event and notify the event organiser after midnight 2nd November, you will NOT receive a refund under any circumstances.

Please do not request a refund post this date - even with a doctors’ certificate - as refusal often offends. SOLE EXCEPTION: should you become pregnant between entering and the event, we will grant a special dispensation (we like babies and the love, rainbows and unicorns they represent).

Why no refund after the date? Well, it’s complex, but essentially a lot of the money that comes in from entry fees has already been spent well prior to race day on things like course logistics, insurance, materials, hiring of infrastructure, staff, bibs, medals etc. Trust us, no one’s trying to diddle anyone here – we’re not in outdoor recreation industry to be millionaires, trust us! Feel free to chat to us about the ins and outs – we’re pretty honest peeps.

TRANSFER ENTRY TO A FUTURE EVENT? NOPE. Additionally, we cannot transfer your entry forward to a future event next year’s event - for the same reasons ad given above. By the allowed date, the dough has been spent on operational costs.

TRANSFER ENTRY TO ANOTHER PERSON? YEP. Happy to do this one as it means your entry fee isn’t wasted, our materials and logistics aren’t wasted, and you can do a deal (or not) with whomever you are passing your entry to to recover some of your money!

To enact a transfer to another person we will need you to advise us and supply:

  • Name of new participant

  • Gender of new particpant

  • DOB of new participant

  • Address of new participant

  • Mobile number

  • Emergency contacts (name and mobile)

  • Medical details (if any)

*please advise if new participant is running in the same distance as originally entered. They can select any distance although there are no refunds for lesser distances, and an increase in distance will be due the difference in entry fee*


Each participant agrees to carry the mandatory gear as listed elsewhere on this website and advised in event program (basically hydration equipment (cup free event), mobile phone, headlamp and sense of humour. We’d love to say mandatory fancy dress but that’s pushing the barrow.


Participants agree to acknowledge and accept that this event is a cup free event, that they are responsible for having on their person some form of hydration receptacle in order to be able to avail themselves of the water and Tailwind solutions available at aid stations to remain hydrated. Participants also agree not to whinge when they forget such receptacles and want to know where the cups are…


When entering online, participants agree that they have read the risk waiver, acknowledging that trail running as a participatory activity carries with that participation inherent risk given it is an active pursuit that journeys through natural landscapes, that in and of themselves present physical risk, as does the activity itself present risks to health and wellbeing (although we argue on balance it’s damn good for your health and wellbeing!). As event organisers we do everything in our powers to ensure participants remain safe and cared for in what is sometimes an uncontrollable environment. Participants agree to take personal responsibility for reading all event information, being aware of the course, its route and potential hazards as advised, and be willing to take responsibility for their actions and personal safety on course.


Participants agree to be kind, courteous and generally chirpy on course. Show some #trailove people.


Participants agree that upon the sighting of a unicorn, they will observe from a distance, not approach, and remain respectful that unicorns are wild creatures. Should a unicorn approach you, you may remain still and feel extremely lucky that they have chosen you to connect with. You must have a good vibe. If a unicorn starts nuzzling your neck, you are THE CHOSEN ONE.